FCAEM board member, Paula Chasan, is extensively quoted in a front page article in the Sunday Boston Globe. “Death, disrupted: How the Boston-based ‘Warby Parker of caskets’ aims to upend the funeral business” by Janelle Nanos on Nov. 21, 2021 (article may require a subscription). The reporter called our help line, which Paula manages, and interviewed her the day after our Annual Meeting. Well done, Paula!

One correction to the article, which states that the Funeral Rule was enacted in the 1970’s:
In 1984, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) established the Funeral Rule to give consumers of funeral services certain protections. The rule’s main objective is to ensure consumers receive adequate information concerning all of the goods and services they may purchase from a funeral provider.

Paula suggested the reporter look at other alternative container and casket sources, but the article does focus on just one casket provider. However, it ends with references to our organization serving the general public and options in facing death.

The story concludes with Paula’s quote, “Ultimately it’s all about making death a part of life.”