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Funeral home calls state’s investigation “malicious prosecution”
Families react to news of bodies stored in unlicensed South Boston garage

BOSTON — As a hearse backs into an unmarked garage in an old brick building on Tudor Street in South Boston, the sounds of heavy metal music and car repair work echo from the shop next door.

5 Investigates has discovered the garage is an unlicensed storage facility for the dead, the refrigerators where bodies were stored visible during a slow drive by. Even a Bobcat – a small industrial machine, is parked to the side.

“It’s simply not OK, Jacquie Taylor, a long-time funeral director and industry consultant, told 5 Investigates’ Kathy Curran, after seeing the video of the operation.

Taylor said what we uncovered is illegal and unethical.

“This firm has done a freefall down the ethical slippery slope because the public has a right to a reasonable expectation of dignified shelter and care of their loved ones,” she said.

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